Welcome, Bento!

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Welcome, Bento!

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New Client Update | Welcome Bento fo Business

Bento for Business is company with a mission.  It is hard for small business to manage their spend.   A lot of companies have employees that need to use a credit card.  Purchasing is not easy to track and can easily get abused.  This is why Bento’s solution is such a great idea!

The Design ME team is thrilled to have built them a great website and is now full underway with digital marketing.  We are the SEO New York Experts and have helped raise this company above the competition on search engines.  We are also running a successful PPC Campaign.  

B2B payments company

Offering B2B payments via a great system where the company funds the employee cards and then regulates the spending is on an upward trend.  Bento also offers virtual cards!  Virtual card services allow for employees to go about their day without the plastic.  This is just another way companies are going more digital.

Bento offers a trial period to test the solution or you can book a demo.  This growing company is now reaching more potential customers every day than ever before!  Let’s keep it going!

Want to contact Bent for Business!  

Phone: 1866-220-8455

Address: 221 Main St #1325, San Francisco CA 94105

Website: https://bentoforbusiness.com/



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