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An effective website is perhaps the most important factors in the long-term success of any business. Design ME Marketing is a web design company New York trusts to combine cutting edge graphics with strategies that align with Google’s strict standards. By partnering with Design ME Marketing, your site will look phenomenal and be designed to drive real results that build your business!

All of our websites are built custom built to the client’s specific needs.  As a result,  our team will offer the right open source platform. Your site will have a unique and engaging look while being very open to scale and expand to meet future needs. With thousands of projects completed to 100% client satisfaction, Design ME Marketing’s project team can handle the development of any style of site that you can imagine, both big and small, simple and complex.

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Do you need a database driven or E-commerce site that needs custom functionality? Maybe, you have an idea for a web concept but are not clear as to how to put it together. Our team can help make your website a reality because we have the experience to do so.  At Design ME, we take a consultative approach by learning your goals and executing on efforts to achieve them.  Schedule a consultation and let our experts put together a great game plan to help you achieve your goals.

Your success is the priority. Let’s seek to first understand your needs and then follow through on accomplishing your goals.  It is this exact commitment that has allowed Design ME to be a premier web design company New York trusts while servicing both national and international clients.


One of the biggest advantages in working with the professional website design team at Design ME is the overall process that you will enjoy during the construction of your site.  A team will be dedicated to making sure the project is always moving forward and to your satisfaction. You will have full visibility into the project at every step of the way. In other words, we collaborate.  Our team captures and creates your vision and you have all the control to make the necessary approvals at various stages of the project.  This ensures that, upon completion, you have a site that you absolutely love.

Services We include

Services we include

The Certified Web Experts at Design ME will customize your website and consult you on developing a look and structure that is attractive, interactive, and most importantly visible in relevant searches on the web.


Open Source Platforms


Custom Development


UI/UX Design


Branding Implementation


Built for Visibility


Engaging Call-To-Action


Simple to Navigate


Easy Manageable Platform

Our Process

Our process is solid and ensures that at launch your website will start seeing results as soon as possible. Here are the steps you can look forward to:

01. Goal Discussion

Design ME will dedicate resources to analyze your industry, competitors, as well as keyword search trends to develop a winning strategy to be applied throughout the web design project.

02. Design Session

This is where we develop the sitemap, structure of your site, and identify the technologies to integrate into your site.

03. Concept Approval

At this stage, the home and inside page concepts of your site are designed.  You will enjoy full visibility into the progress and provide approval at every step of the way.

04. Content Creation

The right images and copy is key.  Design ME has the Specialists available to create content or guide you on a strategy that will translate into a successful site flow.

05. Development

In this phase, your project team is hard at wok constructing the framework of the site.  You will have full visibility and feedback into this process to ensure that the functionality and flow of the site exceeds your expectations.

06. Testing

All aspects of the website will be tested to ensure a smooth launch.  Usability, compatibility in all browsers, and making sure the site hits all targets is priority.

07. Launch and Beyond

Design ME will closely monitor the early success of the site. You will also have a designated Project Manager.

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