Web Development & SEO
Tree King is a local business that specializes in tree and stump removal,

The Project

Tree King had been a long-established business that relied primarily on referrals.  They had done well for many years without a website but realized that without going digital, they were going to begin losing business.  Their competitors were “on the search engines” and this longstanding family-owned business wanted to be there too.  They chose Design ME to build a great website and start search engine optimization.

The Solution

Design ME introduced and performed the following solutions:
  • Website Development – UI/UX WordPress
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Directory Optimization

The Results

The Design ME team created a great looking website in just few short weeks.  While that was taking place, we embarked on Directory optimization efforts to make sure company information was accurate across the web.  Once the site was launched, we started a 10 keyword SEO package.

The combination of a site built to Google’s standards, proper representation on directories, good content, and backlinks have paid dividends.  Tree King now sits atop the search engine rankings for several dozen keywords.  For several years now, they’ve received a steady stream of calls and inquiries from their website.   Design ME’s efforts have brought Tree King from an old school referral driven business to one that has the digital game firmly in place.