Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Branding Consultation

Ogilvie Roof Cleaning serves Long Island with top-notch pressure washing of surfaces throughout the exterior of the home.

The Project

Ogilvie Roof Cleaning had a site on Weebly, a template-based DIY platform.  Wanting to grow the business, get more leads, and rank for organic keywords, owner Sean Ogilvie contacted Design ME to help take the business to the next level.

The Solution

Design ME introduced and performed the following solutions:

  • UI/UX WordPress Design
  • Design ME SEO Network
  • Site conversion consultation
  • Call and Lead Tracking

The Results

Our UI/UX Design team got to work designing a website that was built to look great but also converts leads.  Within 7 days of our design session, a home page concept was presented to the delight of company ownership.  We quickly got approvals to move forward, inside pages were designed, and development began.

On the marketing side, with Ogilvie Roof Cleaning’s hyper-local focus they were a great fit for local directory optimization combined with a 10 Keyword DM SEO Network Package.  We fixed dozens of directory listings that had incorrect information.  As the site was being developed, the Design ME SEO team performed Keyword research and installed the network plugin to start the back-linking process.  We then built a landing page for every keyword for lead generation and content share purposes.

The results were swift.  Within the first 45 days, we took the website from none existent to seeing first page rankings.  In 60 days, the 10 Focus Keyword package yielded 24 Keywords on the first page.

Today, through call tracking, we can see new leads coming in daily and we are excited to recently get word that our client has been booked solid with business.  Great work Design ME Team!