Majestic Pool Service specializes in the installation, repair, and maintenance of inground pools for the Long Island, NY, community.

The Mission

When we first connected with Majestic Pool Service, they were quite dissatisfied with the entire web marketing industry. After 2 unsuccessful partnerships, not only had they spent a lot of money with little return, the company that they were with was unresponsive to their desire to improve the website. This left them with a site that didn’t look its best but also wasn’t producing any real sales opportunities.

Thankfully, a satisfied client referred them to Design ME and we met with the Majestic team. First, we secured the site, getting all domains and files in the possession of its rightful owner (Majestic Pool Service). Beyond this, we began to improve the aesthetics of the site with a bit of development. Next, the team went to work on a conversion strategy for the site itself. We knew that it would pay off when we started driving real traffic to it.

Finally, we started marketing campaign development. The Design ME SEO team, along with our content writers, embarked on an organic strategy. Meanwhile, the Social Media team developed Facebook and Instagram ads. The results were astounding and had us high-fiving. We love when we participate in the growth of a business.

The Solution

Design ME introduced and performed the following solutions:
  • Website Development
  • Site Conversion Optimization
  • On-Page Search Engine Optimization
  • Strategic Back-linking
  • Social Media Paid Ads
  • CRM Setup/Integration
  • Email Marketing

The Results

As a seasonal business, we had a short window to make a big impact. Year 1 (with Design ME) was the best ever according to the ownership of Majestic Pool Service. Qualified leads began pouring in from both organic and paid traffic. Our call tracking, through PhoneWagon, helped us keep tabs on all the new opportunities along with the integration of Hubspot CRM.

The digital growth strategy was so successful that Majestic renewed and increased the marketing package for year 2, now including Email Marketing. We leveraged the list of prospective clients obtained in year 1, which is resulting in MORE LEADS than ever before. Even early in season 2, we are seeing more organic traffic, keywords, and fresh local sales opportunities on a daily basis.