Web Design | Branding Consultation
Business Turnaround Group is a firm helping companies hit the next level through perfromance-based consulting.

The Project

Business Turnaround Group is the ultimate example of a niche market. They work with businesses that are struggling or have plateued and offer hands-on consultation on how to grow. The major differentiator is how they are compensated. BTG’s model is that that they share in the increased profits. Talk about having skin in the game!

We connected with Business Turnaround Group and they expressed a complex challenge. While their concept offered incredible value, BTG’s approach to communicating their message fell short of expectations. The major issues revolved around their branding and their website. First, the previous company name, Roberge Consulting, didn’t provide clear direction as to the company’s value proposition. Second, the website was bland and the copy did not separate them from the thousands of business consulting firms. Aside from this, there was really no good call-to-action strategy. the visitors they were getting were not converting at all.

The business that helps companies stepped forward stalled themselves on the side of digital presence. The Design ME team stepped in to help.

The Solution

Design ME introduced and performed the following solutions:
  • Website Design – UI/UX WordPress
  • Content Development
  • Brand Consultation

The Experience

Design ME was contracted for a complete website revamp, copy, and consulted on the direction of re-imagining the company branding. The important thing was ensuring that, upon completion, the presentation and content clearly communication BTG’s value proposition. We developed a great looking website concept that was quickly approved. Nick Roberge, the Founder of BTG, complimented the seamless process and our ability to capture and contribut to his vision. That’s an awesome compliment coming from a guy who is a guru at business process!

Our team also created custom functionality around the lead submission process. BTG only works with certain clientele, therefore, the online application must be detailed. We built a multi-step submission form that hit all the important qualification fields and collected info at every step. This ensured that even when a site visitor gets “cold feet” in the process and leaves mid submission, vital information was still collected allowing BTG to follow up.

One thing Design ME and BTG have in common… we both help businesses grow to their maximum potential. We look forward to seeing what BTG does with their awesome new website and approach to the market.