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Article provided by: Screaming Eagle

Screen Printing Mn

Screaming Eagle has carousels, belt machines, neck label heat transfer machines, and a dye house. We do all of the hand-dying, burnouts, treatments, and every type of specialty blanks imaginable. We work with small to medium-size stores to provide the best screen printing in MN. We save our clients money so they can mark up their costs and make a profit. Plus, our screen printing services are exceptional because we use the industry’s best machinery.

What to Expect When You Choose Screaming Eagle for Screen Printing

Screaming Eagle partners with our clients. When they believe in us, and they have a need for us to produce more, so we want to live up to their expectations. Screaming Eagle can produce on a one-time basis, a weekly basis, or a monthly basis – whatever the client needs! Our clients make a commitment to us that they will divert their workloads to us. However, there is no written guarantee. It’s a gentlemen’s agreement. We trust and believe in our clients, and our clients trust and believe in us.

Screaming Eagle chose MHM as the machine of choice because MHM machines hold the highest standards, the best productivity, and the best registration.

How a Typical High-End Shirt Gets Done at Screaming Eagle

We take the white shirt or the heather shirt and hand-dye them into different shapes and configurations. We’ll pour dye on them by hand, or if it is a burnout process, we will do that process to it. Then, we would let the shirt cook. Once it’s cooked, we put it in the washing machine and wash off the excess dye. Then, we dry it, sort it, and then we print a neck label in it.

Next, the shirt rolls on over to one of the automatics. We’ll typically make a full-color print on the chest, fold it, polybag it, and put it in a box to the requirements of the client. Finally, we’ll ship it to the client through a licensed distributor.

Screaming Eagle’s Screen Printing Vision

Our plan is to go as green as possible. We are currently considering plans for adding a water treatment plant to process all of the water in our laundry department. Within a short time, we would like to reuse all of the water and go green.

Our short term goals include becoming a little more automated in the Finishing department. This is because many of our clients want us to do much more of the handling, including price tickets, stickers, polybags, and hangers. We’re happy to accommodate, and we keep refining our processes to get better.

Contact Screaming Eagle for Screen Printing in MN

As a contract printer, every penny counts! Our customers are trying to purchase all of the supplies and provide them to us because they need to save every penny, and they can’t afford to mark up without our extra handling services. Screen printing is a tough market with tight margins, and we are doing all that we can to be efficient, lean, and smart.

Screen Printing Mn

Screaming Eagle

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