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Everlong Nutrition

Everlong Nutrition founded by registered dietitian and business owner, Adi Wyshogrod is an up and coming weight loss, other options in nutrition and health to wellness company specializing in one to one training.

The Project

Everlong Nutrition came to Design ME by referral from Business Turnaround Group, a former client. The company had gone through quite the transformation. First was a name change which led to a complete re-imagination of branding. Second, was moving to a new location and transitioning to a business model that would accommodate clients with virtual coaching. Having this foresight prior to the COVID-19 pandemic is certainly proving to be a wise move. Company ownership wanted a site that displayed a corporate feel with a welcoming personal touch. The Design ME team got to work.

The Solution

Design ME introduced and performed the following solutions:

The Results

The Everlong team was great to work with. While in many of our success stories we can tout nailing the perfect design in the first few attempts, this is one where we needed to collaborate and get creative through several revisions. The main reason is that company ownership had an awesome vision for the direction of the company, but mixed feelings on the branding and color palette. This is worth mentioning because it is proof positive that Design ME’s UI/UX team will keep working hard (within the maximum revisions) to get the look and feel perfect.

Ultimately the client dialed in on a cool and calming color palette that flowed beautifully with the backdrop of nutritious foods. Using pictures of cuisine to bring the pop, we designed and developed a site that they were thrilled with.

Our team’s feedback and hard work paid off as the logo design accompanied but all the brand elements really came together. After the transformation, Everlong Nutrition can now seek to do the same for their clients and that is usher them in to a happier and healthier look and feel.



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The Results

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