VNET Solutions

VNET Solutions

VNET Solutions is a trusted leader in the consultation of best of breed telecommunications solutions.

The Project

VNET Solutions came to Design ME via a referral from a current satisfied customer.  They needed a website and wanted to completely rebrand with a new logo and color palette.  This was a great fit, because Design ME specializes in both of these areas.

There were just a only a few conditions.  First and foremost, both the logo and website had to be great.  Check!  No problem there for the Design ME team.

The final request, however, would pose a challenge.  Due to business needs, VNET solutions needed everything designed, up and running in under 4 weeks.  Our team is quite efficient, but this was even a stretch for us.

A custom UI/UX website design , brand new logo, content consultation, implementation, and approval on all of the above in under a month?

Did I mention we like a good challenge?

The Solution

Project Details:

  • Logo Design
  • Branding Consultation
  • Website Design – UI/UX WordPress
  • Content Consultation

The Experience

After determining that we could meet the deadline, Design ME took on the project.  Great collaboration between the our team and VNET Solutions allowed for an easy flow from design session, to concept approval and into coding.  During the 2.5 weeks of development, we consulted on content while the client promptly provided the information needed.

By the time coding was completed, we had the content ready.  We executed a few minor tweaks and the the addition of final pictures and copy.  The project was completed on-time because of the hard work and collaborative efforts that included the both our staff and the great folks at VNET Solutions.

“Partnering with Jason and John was a fantastic decision for my company. They were patient, creative and efficient every step of the way. I gave them a tight window to get a concept launched and not only did they meet expectations, they far exceeded them. Highly recommend, hire them with confidence!”

Jason Winograd, VNET Solutions

Client Satisfaction
Met Project Timeline
Project Completed

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