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DIT is a leading App developer in Toronto that offers creative and customized web and mobile application solutions to businesses of all scales. We are a team of experienced tech professionals that work collectively to deliver nothing less than excellence.

Why do I need a web host?

Web hosting is a service provided by tech companies to equip your web page with all the resources for users to be able to view it on the internet. When you host your site, it gets stored at a place called server. When somebody types your website address, the internet pulls your webpage from the server and presents it to the user.

In order to host your website, you need to own a domain name. Both the domain name and hosting comes with a fee that you have to pay to the hosting company. You need to renew the domain name annually to retain ownership by paying a fee. Hosting too involves renewal for your website to maintain its online presence.

What is responsive web design?

A responsive webpage or application is a web document that detects the user’s device type and size and alters itself to fit the user’s screen enabling an easier and complete view of the web page. Tools such as cascading style sheet media queries, flexible layouts, and images are vital to design a responsive webpage/application.

Although responsive layout offers excellent convenience and readability for the user, the biggest disadvantage with this layout is the load time. Users have reported increased load time in this layout and built on HTML5 responsive layout is not compatible with all browsers. Responsive layouts perform well only on the recent smart devices. The decision to go responsive depends on the audience for your business and the platform that you want to engage your users in (web or store).

Advantages of custom software applications

Businesses choose customized software over off-the-shelf applications due to benefits such as flexibility, personalization, and cost-effectiveness. As an affordable app developer in Toronto, our company focuses on building custom apps to help businesses benefit in the following ways:

  1. Centralization – Customized apps allow businesses to integrate multiple functions, departments, and workflow into one software. You can also create multiple user levels and assign different user functionalities in a custom app. In a nutshell, the app will be built to serve your business needs precisely.
  2. Maintenance and Support – Customized apps can always go back to the developer company that built the app for modifications, changes, or updates in the application. Most companies also offer free support during business hours and annual maintenance solutions for customized apps.
  3. Cost-effectiveness – Small businesses benefit the most from custom-built applications as off-the-shelf applications can cost a bomb. Custom-built applications are built-on small scale to suit the needs of small businesses hence at a comparatively low price.

Call DIT today to get your quote for a customized application for your business. As a pioneer app developer in Toronto, we aim to empower your business with innovative technology.

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