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Design ME Marketing is an agency that goes beyond web marketing. Every step is designed for business growth.

Design ME is a full-scale web design, digital marketing and consulting firm located in the heart of Long Island, NY, and serving clients throughout the United States and Canada.

Our focus is simple. We are passionate about seeing businesses grow by utilizing the latest and most effective web design and digital strategies.

Not all web marketing is created equal.  You need a strategy that directly impacts your business goals. We will never position a solution that is not in line with your specific business or career objectives.  To the contrary, Design ME aims to be a partner that plays a key role in achieving your mission, whatever that may be.


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Design ME Founders

Design ME Founders
We started Design ME Marketing to fill a void.  The internet is this generation’s most powerful tool to grow your business.  Yet, so many companies invest hard-earned dollars into websites and campaigns that fall short of the desired results.  This is most certainly because there is something missing from the overall strategy.

In 2012, Design ME opened its doors and we haven’t looked back.  Integrity and excellence will always be at the forefront of our work.  Our team will consult with your best interest in mind, building stunning websites with the latest proven methods, and executing web marketing campaigns that deliver real results.”


Jason Koch D’Ambrosio & John Slionski

Team Leaders

Jason Koch D’Ambrosio


John Slionski

COO & Chief Designer


Development – QA Director

Zahid Ali

Development – Project Team Lead


Development – Client Support Lead


UI/UX Graphic Designer


Content Team Lead


Director, Social Media


Account Team Lead


Team Leader, Graphic Design

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