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At Design ME Marketing, a Long Island based web design firm, we provide web marketing services that increase visibility and drive conversion. Leveraging the absolute latest strategies in Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click campaigns, Content Management, and maximizing Social Media, our team knows what it takes increase traffic and convert visits into customers.

Web Design Company


Web development

Website Development

Stand out from the crowd with a website that inspires.

Web Development

The Design ME team is on the cutting edge of website design and development. Don't settle for ``blah``. Blow them away with a site that makes your visitor say ``Wow!``.

social media

Social Media

Visibility on Social platforms is a must for successful businesses.

Social Media

Someone in your industry has to dominate Social Media. Why can't it be you? Design ME has the team to build your sphere of influence and turn your likes and follows into revenue.

internet ad campaigns

Internet Ad Campaigns

Targeted ads are the most effective way to spend a marketing dollar.

Internet Ad Campaigns

It's not a question of whether you need Internet ads, but how to make sure they are executed properly. Design ME provides strategies that maximize spend and ROI.

SEO local


Get ranked above your competition in organic searches.


Design ME specializes in on-page and off-page SEO campaigns that will make your website rank among the top spots in Google searches. We help you get there and stay there!

Expert consultation

Expert Consultation

Successful businesses seek the right expertise.

Expert Consultation

Working with Design ME means more than just getting a ``web guy``. We are marketing experts who will assess your unique situation and develop a long and short term game plan.

Website backlinking


Build your website's authority and watch it thrive.


Design ME provides White Hat Back Linking services. Raise your website's authority by connecting with trusted sources on the web and increase your visibility in organic searches.

video editing

Video Editing

A custom video that tells your story can be a powerful tool.

Video Editing

Let Design ME create a video that engages your target customer. Whether something short for your Social Media wall or an all-out commercial, we have you covered!

content management

Content Management

The right content strategy makes all the difference.

Content Management

The content of your website will make or break your success. Design ME's Content Team maximizes the focus of website copy, email marketing and blogging to drive results.


Prestige Safe

Web Design
Prestige Safe Thumbnail

Vannoni Construction

Logo Design • SEO
Vannoni Construction

Caring Aesthetics

Logo Design • SEO • Web Design
Caring Aesthetics

Lil’ Athletes

Logo Design • SEO • Web Design
Lil Athletes

Rive Gauche

Logo Design • SEO • Web Design
Rive Gauche

Quartz Carpet

Logo Design • Web Design
Quartz Carpet

East Cold Mold

Logo Design • SEO • Web Design
East Cold Mold

Mustang Magic

Logo Design • Web Design
Mustang Magic

Sound Of Heaven

Logo Design
sound of heaven - Sound Of Heaven

Want a web presence that drives results? Let's talk strategy at no obligation to you. Call Toll Free at (855) 969-5541


google algorithm 768x606 - Newest "unconfirmed" Google Update "Fred", changes EVERYTHING!

Newest “unconfirmed” Google Update “Fred”, changes EVERYTHING!

“Since yesterday morning, the SEO industry has been watching an unconfirmed Google ranking update that seems to target more of the link quality aspects of the overall algorithm.

Many are calling this the Fred Update, a name we’re also adopting. That came from Google’s Gary Illyes, who has jokingly suggested that all updates be named “Fred.” It’s sticking with this one.

We’ve seen more chatter and reports of changes from within the “black hat” SEO community, which generally means that this is a spam algorithm update around links. Last time we reported a link spam-related update was in early February, and that update also was unconfirmed by Google.

There was also a large content quality Google update on February 7 that was never confirmed. As you expect, Google is very unlikely to confirm algorithm updates these days — but that won’t stop us from reporting large shifts in the search results that convey an algorithm update has happened.

Many of the automated tracking tools currently show significant volatility and fluctuations, which is an indicator of an update. Plus, with all the industry chatter, and with webmasters both complaining about ranking declines and rejoicing about ranking increases, it’s likely that there was a Google update.

We are waiting to hear from Google if they have any comment. All we have right now are the typical Google lines from John Mueller and Gary Illyes that Google makes updates all the time.”

Original Post from Search Engine Land.

Email Reply Rate

Increasing Your Email Reply Rate

Moz recently came out with a great article titled

How We Increased Our Email Response Rate from ~8% to 34%

It’s no secret that reply rate is the golden metric of email campaigns.

The reason is obvious. As opposed to open and click rate, reply rate tracks how many recipients were interested (or annoyed) enough to actually write you back. For guest blogging and email outreach, your reply rate will determine your campaign’s success.

We still believe that guest blogging is a great opportunity to improve your site’s link profile and brand exposure. However, the time-investment needed in prospecting/email outreach can leave you questioning its ROI….


Read the entire blog here….


DesignMe has really helped me with my internet marketing. They built me a beautiful new website and have been a major help with the marketing for it. I was looking to deal with a local Long Island company and after taking meetings with 4 different companies, DesignMe was the company we chose. They were the easiest to deal with, had great pricing, and they made me feel like I was as big enough company for them to care to deal with.
David Berman
David Berman Moreland Hose
DesignMe took over our old website when it was in really bad shape. They worked with us financially and gave us the smart and interactive website that we always wanted. When approaching big medical foundations for grants or funding, the first place they look is our website. We are grateful that DesignMe has given us the confidence to do that.”
Mari-Elaina Garcia
Mari-Elaina Garcia Jonah's Just Begun-Foundation to Cure Sanfilippo
Design ME works with their clients very well. Any questions I have, Johnny and staff are quick to answer. Go with Design ME and you won’t be disappointed!
Brett Suffis
Brett Suffis Lil Athletes
I have been working with the staff at Design me for my companies website and they have been amazing. We are very picky and needy clients and they were super patient with us! I would highly recommend them!!!
Jessica Torres
Jessica Torres Performax
Great work!!!!!! We are punching in new customers every day.  They say they got us on Google!

Note: This client wants to remain anonymous so that competitors don’t know they are working with us.

R.A. Fuel Oil Company

Interesting Facts

Making an investment in your online presence is a modern day no-brainer.  The Internet is the single most powerful tool in growing your business.  Once you look at the statistics, deciding whether your focus should be on the web is easy.  The most important step is finding the right partner to trust.  Design ME will keep you on top of today’s strategies while pro-actively preparing for tomorrow’s trends.

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